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The GEO-SIVO environmental-, civil- and water management engineering Kft (Ltd.) was established in 1993 on the basis of the former geotechnical department of the Hungarian National Water Research and Drilling Company. Our commitment to service is based on the complete or partial supply of Hungary located projects & investments in the fields of environmental-, civil- and water management engineering, design, planning, permitting, execution, operation and monitoring.

The primary profile of our company was geological shallow drilling for civil engineering projects. After the Hungarian regime change in 1990 we have expanded our activity with Environmental Fact- Finding & Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of former state owned industrial areas, which activity becomes to be our mayor field of specialty in the past decades. The development of the environmental protection in Hungary in combination with the preparation for the Hungarian EU accession in 2004 has created a new market demand in Hungary. Thus our services beside the fact-finding have been extended with environmental remediation projects and managing environmental permitting processes of farms, agricultural-, industrial facilities, petrol stations, mines, landfill site waste dumps and thermal power plants; regarding to planning, execution, implementation and construction works.

Since 2003, in order to serve our clients with more complete range of services we have expanded our profile with providing agricultural nutrition and soil fertility management solutions, especially in the fields of humus rescue, land reclamation, precision farming, and nutrient management planning and consulting.

Due to the EU accession of Hungary, complex project management skills were required to serve the EU conform project implementation. GEO-SIVO Kft. has taken part in generating, developing, coordinating, professional evaluating hundreds of EU projects (in the field of waste-, water-, wastewater management and renewable energy) within the framework of EGT Grants and Norway Grants, under the EU Structural and Cohesion Funds.

From 2014 we are providing a full range of environmental, nature protection and water management services. This branch consists of environmental protection activities including authorization and permitting procedures, and preparing environmental examinations and assessments. In the last years, GEO-SIO kft. (Ltd) has initiated a joint venture with a group of companies. The other two members of the joint venture are the CSERNOZJOM Kft. (Ltd) who is responsible for the agricultural advice, precision crop production, soil conservation, wildlife conservation projects and the ABIOTIKA Bt. (LPs) who is subjected to the rural development, EU project management,consultants and administrative state management tasks.  

Since 2004 we have the ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management certifications. Our main quality policy: "the good customer is the returning customer." Therefore the main goal of our company is to establish and maintain long turn business relationships. We offer a full range of our services particularly in the Hungarian market in English, German and Dutch.

Main activities and services, which are detailed in the main menu:

  • Environmental protection
  • Civil Engineering
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Environmental procuration, technical advisory,
  • Representative of environmental issues
  • Measurements (noise measurement, measurement of air pollution, water quality testing)
  • Services (legal, technical, project development)

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Members of our group:

Csernozjom Bt.

Csernozjom Kft.

Agricultural advisory services and expertise assistance in theme of precision crop production, soil conservation, wildlife protection and nature conservation.


Abiotika Bt. eng

Abiotika Bt.

Expertise and advisory activities in the theme of Rural Development, Eu projects and polity.


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